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Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
Lunch: 11:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Dinner: 5:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Noon - 10 p.m.


Open on all holidays except Thanksgiving.


Below are written comments from recent diners at The Korea House. We're thankful for the nice comments and promise to further improve our food and service every day. Our sincere thanks to all who have contributed comments and suggestions.

CINWeekly visited us in early February and wrote a very nice article on the Dolsot Bibim Bap. Here's a link:

" My husband and I dined at your restaurant yesterday, Sunday, 20 August, for
our 5th wedding anniversary and had our young daughter with us. We had a
wonderful time. The waiter was attentive and very friendly, and the food was
fantastic. We also enjoyed speaking with Shelly. Both my husband and I come
from Army families and therefore have had a great deal of experience with
Korean food, and we got exactly what we were hoping for. The mandu and
kimchi were excellent as well as the bulgogi and sushi. We will definitely
return, and have already told many people what a great restaurant you have."

"Simply the best service, food and atmosphere. I recommend this establishment to all my friends. I love the side dishes! Thank you."

"Very good, we will be back."

"The food couldn't be more amazing! Great hospitality!"

"Fabulous!!! I've spent time in Seoul, and I can't say enough about the authenticity and the quality of the food."


"So delicious!!"

"Excellent! We will be back."

"Hostess and waitress very nice."

"We LOVED the food and service and we will tell all of our friends!"

"Everything was great, our waiter and food! Thank you! Kamusamunida!"

""The sushi/sashimi was the best we have had!! Compliments to the chef. Great service from everyone. Our new favorite restaurant."

"Good stuff!"

"Once again, Shelly & Mike, it was a wonderful dining experience. Thank you very much! We will be back. See you soon!"

"Excellent service. Delicious food."

"Service was very good and food flavor and portions were excellent. Shrimp dish could have had more shrimp. Everything else was very good."

"The food is excellent! We will return. Please keep your great service also."

"Compliments on the wonderful food and service!"

"Great food and your waitress [server] is great."

"Wonderful! Thanks!"

"Fantastic! Great Service! Great food!"

"Thank you for your warm hospitality!! We thoroughly enjoyed the beef bulgogi and fresh sushi. The service was very kind. Our children loved the Korea House."

"Enjoyed your food and service!"

"Good food. Excellent service!"

"Very good Hwe Dub Bap. Mr [server] was very nice."

"Excellent food and service!! Thanks!"

"We enjoyed the Bibim Bap and Kalbi very much. Liked the healthy kids menu, too. Enjoyed conversation with [server]. Very nice to have you here. Will be back with friends!"

"Friendly, helpful service. Variety of tastes. Enjoyed all the little dishes. Would highly recommend!"


"All the food was wonderful! I have enjoyed Korean food for years and eaten in a number of Korean restaurants in the US and Korea. Your server did an exceptional job and was very nice!"

"We've found a new favorite place in your restaurant! Everything was delicious. We'll be back and we'll tell our friends too!"

"Great service!"

"Overall was very delightful. Service was a bit slow at the beginning, but I understand the restaurant was busy! Gave my husband a memorable birthday surprise! Thank you."

"My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our meal tonight. The hostess and waitress were courteous and hospitable. The meal was well prepared and plentiful. Thank you again."

"The food was great and so was the service. Mr [server] was very polite and delightful. This is the first Asian restaurant with great food and service. That is very rare. The restaurant is great. Keep it up."

"Thank you for a wonderful meal for my 29th birthday! It was great!"

"Excellent food."

"Excellent food and even better service!"

"I find your cuisine to be very enjoyable and very Korean! My favorite Asian food is Korean and your's is the best. Service is very good!"

"Our waitress was very nice and helpful."

"This was my first visit. The service was excellent. Helpful explanations. The food, especially the spicy crab rolls, was wonderful. Thanks!"

"To Shelly: Last Monday, my family--all seven of us--came to eat at your restaurant.  You had to leave early, but I wanted you to know what a great time we all had.  The food was delicious and everyone was so nice.  We even got a little lesson on the Korean New Year.  Thanks so much for everyone's kindness and delicious food.  We sincerely appreciate it.  When we got in the car, my seven-year-old said, "That was awesome!" You have a wonderful restaurant!"  

"Our server was very attentive and professional. What a lovely restaurant!"  

"My dinner was delightful - truly! And my waitress was very courteous and helpful"  

"Thank you very much. It was very good food and the lady that helped us was very nice. Thank you."

"Wonderful food. Best service we have received in quite some time anywhere."  

"This was my first time at this restaurant, and the server was very pleasant and imformative. He did a great job of explaining everything to me. I also liked the atmosphere. I will come back again!"

"Just moved to area. This restaurant is one of the best so far - much better than chain restaurants!! We'll be back."  

"The food was very authentic. Very tasty. We'll be back."  

"Just need good communication between the waiter and cook. Let the customer know if fish or something is not available." Note: You are right and I remember discussing this with you. We've re-trained in this area. Thanks!!  

"[server] (server) was fabulous! He gave us crayons to play with. And found red bean goop to put on our dessert - yum! Thanks for a wonderful evening and meal."  

"We had a wonderful time at the beautiful Korea House. It's so awesome there is a great Korean restaurant in the neighborhood. Thank you so much! Best wishes and we will be back with our friends and family."  

"Great service!"  

"Thanks for an amazing meal!"  

"The food was excellent. Very tasty and served beautifully. I wish you had the raw meats that are cooked at the table."  

"We had a truly wonderful dining experience. [server] is a real ambassador of the Korean cuisine. She made us feel so special and comfortable. We feel honored to have been her guest."

"[server] is awesome and so was the food."  

"The food was great - the service was wonderful. Thank you."  

"Excellent food and service. We will be back. Thanks for everything!"     

"Food excellent. Service was the best since we've started coming here! Thanks!"  

"Everything was exceptional - food & especially the service & atmosphere. Terrific service and food."  

"Great food and service. Thanks."  

"[server] is great. Very polite, courteous and pleasant. Thanks, [server]!"  

"Very pleasant wait staff. Food was terrifically tasty! I'll be back again."

"Our server was excellent!! Seriously, one of the best servers I have ever had."

"You provided excellent service - quite uncommonly good. Thank you for your hospitality and attention to our family. We will be sure to return so we can try other menu items. We will recommend our friends to come here."

"The food was excellent and [server] was wonderful. Thanks for accomodating two vegetarians. The Bibim Bap and avacado rolls were wonderful!"

"I thought [server] represented The Korea House very well. The food was excellent. I had the new lunch meal (Jap Chae, I think) and sushi. Very pleased! Thank you."

"Excellent food. Ho did a fine job."

"This was our first visit and everything was delicious. The spicy tuna roll was very fresh and the pancake [Haemul Pajon] was not greasy (great)!"

"This is my new favorite restaurant! The food is flavorful and it is just what I want when I get tired of the same-old-same-old. I could eat Bibim Bap every day! Not to mention the sushi! So good! I'd recommend it to all."

"Awesome. We really enjoyed the food and the friendly service. "

"Starts things off on the right foot! The gentleman who greeted us at the door was very welcoming and continued to check on us which was very nice. Our server was delightful - he was charming and very polite. Even with some glitches with our order we thoroughly enjoyed our meal."

"We thought the service and the food were exceptional. We thoroughly enjoyed the meal and experience!"

"Stupendously good on every level. Sushi nearly better than sex."

"Fantastic food!! Wonderful atmosphere. Good food, good times!!! [server] rocks!!"

"We had a wonderful experience. The server was incredible. We will definitely be back."

"Excellent! Fresh! Will recommend to everyone! Thank you!"

"Great service and food! Definitely will be back."  

"Very friendly. Did everything right to keep us coming back. Best sushi in the city of Cincinnati. Master sushi chef Kwon knows how to roll!"  

"Best service and best sushi I have ever had!"  

"Thank you for the ice cream!"  

"Super friendly and helpful. Helped us get one of our party fed fast, which was great. Thanks! Food was great!"  

"The service and the food were outstanding. Thx!"  

"Everything was great!"  

"Food was excellent as always. [server] is one great server. we'll be back!"  

"Very knowledgeable and courteous. He told us about Korean customs and was informative. We will return. Thank you."  

"This was a very nice experience for us. I enjoyed the atmosphere and hospitality of your service crew. We will definitley come back. Thank you!"  

"Very good sushi. Children enjoyed the Korean chicken. We enjoyed the fried cheesecake. Love the (smiley-face) fries."  

"Food was great! Service was great! Need Korean barbecue!"  

"Our meal and service was great! We like having different side dishes each time we come. The kimchee is delicious. The sushi is very fresh and beautiful. We'll be back."  

"Wonderful service! [server] is very charming!"  

"We enjoyed the food and excellent service. Thank you!"  

"Very nice server. My kids enjoyed him. The food was delicious, especially the Kalbi."  

"The food and the service is wonderful. Great job! We love it!"   "The very best."  

"A visit to The Korea House is an experience in dining! Every time we dine we enjoy a new and exciting experience!! FAGETABOUTIT!!!!"

"A great experience! The food was unlike any I've had before, and was delicious! Mike, the sushi chef, is truly a master. It is unlike any experience in dining!"

Excellent meal and service. I love the date & honey tea. Very friendly servers, very quick service. Keep up the good work!!"

"Excellent - service and food were perfect!"

"Great food & excellent service. Especially fond of the date n' honey tea."

"SO AMAZING!!! The food was exceptional and the service was outstanding! Thanks for a wonderful experience! We'll be back!"

"This is the best Korean food I have had in the U.S. Even better than the food in korea. Everyone was so nice. Recommend it to everyone, you will not be disappointed."

"Our server was excellent! Explained food, answered all our questions. Excellent food!"

"I chose Korea House for my birthday dinner. What a treat! I was surprised with a wonderful dessert and ceremonial robe and headdress! A wonderful sushi meal, hot bowl and great service. Thank you for making my birthday specia!!"

"The dinner was delicious and the server was especially kind, helpful and professional. You are fortunate to have him as your employee. We will be back."

"Service was great!! Food was very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, good!! Thank you.

"The waiter was very helpful - Mr. [server]. The appetizers (dumplings & sashimi) were good and the C04 (Dolsot Bibim Bap) he recommended were excellent. We were disappointed that you were out of baby octopus and we would have liked all the dishes to arrive simultaneously. Thank you for a great experience in dining!"

"Lovely service, attentive, and showing a cute interest in our dining."

"[server] was a great server! He explained everything with patience and ease. Our food was outstanding and we look forward to our return."

"Very good job!"

"Good service! Great food! We all enjoyed it! We will be back soon!"

"Excellent service! This was our first visit. We will be back."

"Good service, great food, good ambience. Especially sushi, kimchi, fried fish."

"Excellent spicy food, great people, good atmosphere. Thanks!"

"The staff was wonderful & very helpful for 1st time Korean diners. Our food was great & the presentation was very nice. All of the courses were brought out in a timely manner. We really enjoyed the meal & will definitely be back again."

"I came here tonight to have Kimchi Chigae - hopefully to induce labor! The meal was excellent and [server] is a sweet new father. Thank you so much!"

"Good food and good service. Thank you!"


"Excellent food & service!! Thank you and welcome to Cincinnati! We'll definitely be back."

"We live in Seoul and this was very authentic! Thank you for the delicious food and wonderful service. Asah!"

"Outstanding service! Excellent food as usual."

"Pleasant atmosphere! Delicious food! Great service! Thank you."

"Excellent service! The ribs were fantastic! We'll be back - soon!"

"Fabulous, friendly and a complete joy. Give her a raise."

"Thank you so much for the great food and very nice & warm atmosphere."

"We very much enjoyed the Bulgogi and sushi. Very tasty!"

"Fantastic service & even better food!"

"Friendly service. Too much food. Good flavor. Hostess beautiful. Side dishes excellent. No metal chopsticks."

"Server great. Food great."

"Excellent food & service."

"Dining here was one of the most incredible experiences in a restaurant atmosphere we ever had. The server was the best I have ever had and look forward to coming here again. Just to make a point, this was an absolutely perfect dining experience, made possible by our server."

"We really liked the food. It was good, and we liked the server, too. He's a very nice guy and a very good server. Thank you!"

"The food, the service, the experience was incredible! We will be back for sure! Thanks [server] & all!"

"Thank you! Thank you! Good music, great sushi!!"

"Je Yook Bokgum would be improved if one or two slices of green chilis in the dish ... if a person likes it very spicy."

"The very best."

"All excellent."

"Very nice experience. Enjoyed it very much."

"Your restaurant is very beautiful. The service was great and the food was excellent! I look forward to telling my friends & family about it & can't wait to come back soon!"

"The Jap Chae was delicious! I will be back for more & am very excited to try something new! Also loved the date tea with honey! Yum!"

"Excellent service! Very cheerful! Very fast! Good quality!"

"Fantastic dinner!"

"Always a great experience - great food & service. A++"

"Dear Korea House & [server], Thank you so much for the wonderful service & hospitality. We felt like we were over someone's house for a home-cooked meal! The food was delicious & we will surely be back! Thank you!"

"We had a wonderful meal. The food was even better than I remember from Seoul. The service was excellent and the atmosphere very special. I love the western music on Korean instruments!"

"The sushi is the best around."

"The best service staff in Cincinnati. Great food. Wish all of you the best of luck. I will bring all my friends and co-workers."


"This is our first visit. The service and food is exceptional! Thank you."

"We thoroughly enjoyed our introduction to Korean cuisine. We especially liked the noodle dish."


"We had a wonderful dining experience. [server] was friendly and has a great smile. The sushi was best we've ever had. Thank you for the wonderful meal!"

"We had an excellent dining experience. Our server was knowledgeable and attentive. Food was fantastic. We are very glad to have you in the neighborhood."

"We enjoyed everything from the moment we walked in! Everyone was friendly, attentive and helpful, as we had never eaten Korean food. Both our meals were delicious and we will definitely come back soon! *The fried bananas and ice cream was a special treat."


"The food was wonderful, particularly the kimchee! Tang Su Yuk was perfect - and the service ([server]) was great!"

"Thank you so much for being so kind a gracious! Your restaurant is beautiful, elegant and classy, tastefeul. You make excellent food. We're happy you are here!"

"We really liked the food and service."

"Thank you for the great food and service. The refills of the sides and delicious barley tea made a great meal."

"It was delicious. We can not wait to come back."

"I had the best time. This is the best sushi I have ever had. I will bring back my husband. Our server, [server], was the best."

"Your food was good and tasty. I appreciated your kind and friendly customer service."

"Food is great, staff is polite, helpful and knowledgeable. The atmosphere is great as well. Thanks for such a great experience."

"I travel two weeks of every month, from San Francisco to New York and a lot of places in between. I eat at a lot of restaurants - the best restaurants - and your place is pretty good! I'd give it a B+."

"Good service. Thanks."

"The service was outstanding and the sauces and cucumbers were especially good! Thanks [server]!"

" I have never been to a restaurant that appreciated and loved the business, more than the folks at The Korea House. We had wonderful appetizers, meals and not to mention AWESOME dessert!! Thank you so much for a dining experience to remember. We will definitely be back."

"We came all the way from Kentucky and the trip was worth it.  The sushi was incredible, and the food was just as good. The service could not have been any better.  We will be back!!"

“Wonderful service – delightful meal!”

" I've eaten at the Korea House several times each week since you opened and it gets better each time. (Wasn't so good at first..) I enjot it now!"

“Excellent service and the food is very good! A++”

"Service was excellent, the food was very good; however, my meat was a little too well done."

“The atmosphere is great! Severs very friendly and knowledgeable. We will be back!”

“Great food.”

'Excellent servers. Fantastic food. Fast. We'll be back for sure!"

'Great food, great service. We loved it!"

'Dinner was excellent! Enjoyed the dessert also."

'Thank you for a wonderful evening. Your wait staff is thoughtful and attentive. Terrific!"

'Thank you for a wonderful meal. Our experience was great and the service was exceptional."

'The service was excellent. The food was great. The side dishes were tasty. The banana dessert was good. We will be back soon. Thank you."

'Great meal. Outstanding service."

'Excellent dining experience!! Will return. Great meal!"

'I had a great experience here at the Korea House. This is the first time I have ever eaten Korean food and I really enjoyed it. Atmosphere and wait staff were excellent. Everyone made me feel very welcome. I will recommend to others."

'Thank you so much. Food was delicious. We love your great place! We'll be back soon with many friends."

'Great experience. We will be back with friends."

'Please study 'how to cook tempura." The powder should be more delicate, and should be cooked."

“I think Shelly is awesome! Oh yeah, the food is awesome, too!”

“It was a very pleasing dining experience. If the main dishes were a little more salty it would have been better.”

“Excellent service, food, and atmosphere.”

“Excellent Bulgogi. Great service! Very authentic.”

“The food is good! The service is very efficient and the personnel are courteous and really nice.”

“We had a great time and the food was awesome! Thanks for the dessert. We will be back.”

“Short ribs great. Staff friendly. Very fresh. We’ll be back for lunch.”

“Very good food and service. Thanks.”

“Nice experience. Enjoyed the music.”

“Your food and service is awesome!”

“Correct spelling is Adamame. Food was excellent, clean, and kimchi was great. Please get OB beer. I wish you had fried tofu and green chilis. Service/waiter was excellent.”

“Service is great and friendly. It’s great to have you as our neighbor.”

" The food was delicious. We can’t wait to come try more dishes. Service was fantastic. [server] was a great server and attentive.”

“Another great meal – best I’ve had since leaving Korea. Also, we mentioned that our time was limited. The service was prompt, courteous and helped us to reach our next engagement.”

“Our dining experience with you was one of the best we have ever had. The décor is lovely, the atmosphere is great, and the staff very friendly. Our server, [server], was absolutely wonderful. The food was superb. We will be back and will tell our friends.”

“Everything was fantastic! The food and service were exceptional. You all made me feel like a very important person. Thanks, and I’ll be back.”

“Stir-fried squid – best ever! (Ojing-uh Bokgum). Persimmon (Su JangGwa) refreshingly delightful. Thanks.”

“A wonderful dining experience. The food was very good. It was my second time having Korean food and my husband’s first time. The hostess and our server, [server], made this a very pleasant night out.”

“The food was great, the surroundings were beautiful, and our server was delightful.”

“The food was excellent. We wish you lots of success. Tips for more business: have a sushi happy hour and advertise on radio.”

“Wow! What friendly service! The food was good and all the little side dishes made it fun. Nice décor, too. Thanks for the ice cream. P.S.: the sashimi was excellent. Best of luck.”

“Great food and service. Get that liquor license soon.”  (Good news! As of 11/11/2005, we have it!)

“Excellent food and service.”

“Everything was just wonderful, food, service, atmosphere … everything. I’ve recommended you to all my friends and family. Keep up the awesome job. Thanks for serving us. “

“Great sushi bar/chef with beautiful plates and accessories. Nice and cozy ambience with good service. Suggestion: should sell the ginseng teabags.”

“ I had lunch 8 Sept 2005. Food is tasty and ample portions. Atmosphere is pleasant. Help is friendly and helpful. Water glass was never dry. Mgmt spoke with me – interested in my experience here. Value! I spent more in McDonald’s (and regretted it!)."

“Very enjoyable dining experience and service.”

“Great service – explanations helped in serving and eating the food. Really tasty food, great flavor and spices. We will tell our friends about it and come often.”

“The food was great. Nice colors and varieties. The service was great also. I will return with lots of friends.”

“We really enjoyed our meal, especially the side dishes. It’s nice that the selection varies."

“Thank you for being willing to teach us about Korean food. It’s nice to leave a restaurant both full and smarter.”

“Chirashi was most excellent. I especially enjoyed the white tuna. I cannot wait to try the Korean style chirashi on my next visit.”

“I liked the samples. It would be nice to have an entire entrée’ of just samples on the menu. I liked the friendliness of the staff and the personal attention that was given to the customers. Great job! Best wishes for success.”

“We loved the meal. The appetizers were delicious and varied. The sushi beautiful and delicious.”

“It was excellent. We had never had Korean food so did not know what to expect. Our waiter was patient and very helpful. The side dishes were unique (to us) - a nice variety and taste of Korea – in addition to our entrées. Thank you.”

“It was a great dining experience. We will tell our friends about it. The food was fresh, colorful, and delicious. Waiter was helpful and friendly. Décor and utensils were beautiful.”

“Excellent food! Excellent service! Always.”

“This was our first experience with Korean food and we enjoyed it very much. Great food and great service.”

“I truly enjoy your food. I look forward to coming this way every time.”

“Excellent sushi. I’ll be back.”

“The food was wonderful and we really enjoyed the entire experience.”

“Food was wonderful. *Chopsticks were a bit too thin to hold.”

“Delicious! I am so happy that you brought your wonderful traditional cuisine to our neighborhood.”

“I highly enjoyed the sushi and hospitality. I would appreciate more small items, such as Korean BBQ dishes.”

“Dinner and the experience were wonderful. Thank you.”

“Everything was great – service and food.”

“AO9 wasn’t good. I don’t know why people like it. BO2 was bland, but better than the AO9. Was it even marinated long enough?”

“Prompt service. Food tasty. Will return again. Thanks.”

“We had a wonderful meal and the service was outstanding! Thank you for such an enjoyable dining experience! We’ll be back with family and friends!”


Please send any suggestions/comments to Postings for this page come from comment cards from in-person visits to The Korea House.

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